Web Catch: WWII veteran inspires 10-year-old history buffs


It all started with Battleship.

Carter and Jack Hanson began playing the classic strategy game a few years ago. Inspired by the game, the 10-year-old twins from North Carolina have since become quite the history buffs – especially when it comes to naval warfare.

Their shared passion led to a family trip to see the Yorktown, a retired aircraft carrier in Charleston, South Carolina, CBS News reports. It was there that they learned about a World War II veteran named Robert Harding.

Harding had served on the Yorktown, and the boys were certain they needed to get in touch with him. With a bit of hope and a handful of conviction, the boys sent Harding an email.

What began as a single correspondence blossomed into daily email exchanges between the boys and the WWII vet.

It was clear that there was still one thing the twins needed to do: meet their hero face-to-face. Watch the video above.

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