We'll go from one of the warmest days of November, to one of the coldest

Monday will be pretty nice – but it'll get much colder by Tuesday.
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Get ready for some weather whiplash.

Monday will be quite nice – a high right around 50 in the Twin Cities areaThe average high for the day is 38, with the record high hitting 63 degrees. 

Meanwhile southwest Minnesota could even the mid-50s Monday. Up into the central region of the state you'll reach the mid- to high-40s. The coldest high temp of the day will be 38 degrees in the often-chilly Grand Marais and International Falls.

All in all, Monday will be one of the warmest days of November so far, the National Weather Service Twin Cities says. And we're already two-thirds of the way through the month.

Nice, right? 

Well, Tuesday is going the opposite direction.

A "strong cold front" will roll in Monday night and push out those warm temps, delivering one of the coldest days of November so far, the Weather Service says. 

The highs across the state will, in many places, by 20-plus degrees lower Tuesday compared to Monday. In Minneapolis, expect a high of just 29 degrees – well below the average high for Nov. 21 of 39 degrees

Here are a few examples of the incoming temp drop from around the state:

So there you go – from well above normal, to well below normal, all in the span of about 24 hours. 

Here's a nice visual from the National Weather Service, if you want a map comparison:

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