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What are they thankful for at the kids' table?

We're grateful for the answers kids give when asked what they're thankful for

One of Thanksgiving's traditions that never seems to get old: asking children what they're thankful for.

Whether the answers are surprising, amusing, tender, or all of the above, they always provide a peek at what our kids value.

Media companies know this and usually serve up a healthy slice of young gratitude at Thanksgiving time.

Locally, the Pioneer Press got a good range of responses from the first graders they questioned. A few choice answers:

  • “I am thankful for the bus. It takes us home!”
  • “I am thankful for trees because they help people breathe and they are fun to climb.”
  • “I am thankful for cows because they give us milk and my mom because I love her.”
  • “I’m thankful for my friends because they cheer me up if I’m sad.”
  • (This one is from Eve in St. Paul): “I am thankful for God because he gives us apples.”
  • “I am thankful for my dog who died. I pray for him. He is special to me; I love him so much.”

See what kids said to the Today show here. A sample: ""I'm thankful for my family, my food, my house, and my little sister — even though sometimes she bugs me."

Fourth grader Corey told the Palladium-Item, a newspaper in Richmond, Indiana: "I’m most thankful for the bees, my friends, family, and especially my teachers. I am also thankful for Christmas, pink, chickens, and peanuts."

This reminder of childhood's reality came to the Dickinson County News from Trevor: "I'm thankful for my mom and my dad because they are my parents. Also my cousins Tyler, Alleson and Aderee. They are good cousins. Some time Tyler bets me up."

Huffington Post asked parents to share funny responses from their kids. Among them: “My 4-year-old daughter told me that she’s thankful that her brother isn’t a monster because if he was, he would eat her.”

And: "I'm thankful for snowmen, daddy, and quesadillas."

Finally, we'll leave you – until next Thanksgiving – with the adventurous spirit of Aliyah of South St. Paul, who told the Pioneer Press: “I am thankful for my life because I can do different stuff and explore new things.”

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