What Minnesota hates the most, according to one dating app

We like to have a drinking buddy, apparently.

People need some clarification on drinking alone, as Google's autofill results will tell you.

Here in Minnesota, whether it's "OK" or "bad" doesn't matter. We just don't like it.

That's according to Hater, a dating app that matches you with people who detest the same thing. (A seething distaste for cargo shorts – the foundation for any solid relationship, surely.)

The app released a map showing the most hated topic in every state, based on their data. 

Minnesota's result was: Drinking alone.

(We must be good at finding friends to drink with, considering we've got one of the higher binge drinking rates in the country.)

Hater doesn't explain exactly how it got this info, so take it with a grain of salt. But here's the full map, so you can see what the other states hate:

Minnesota's neighbors all have pretty funny responses. "Long hair on guys," tapas, the New York Times, trap music.

And every time we look at the whole map, we find something more surprising.

What's wrong with Pride and Prejudice? Or feminism?

And sometimes pizza slices are way too greasy, and you've gotta dab it with your napkin.

Casey Affleck, jellyfish, "the idea that everyone has a soulmate" ... it's quite the list.

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