What people are saying about Prince's solo show at Paisley Park

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There was no backing band, no backing singers. Just Prince, a microphone and a piano on the stage at Paisley Park.

The Purple One had planned on taking his solo show on tour to Europe last fall, but the attacks in Paris forced its cancellation. He switched the venue to his Paisley Park studios, giving two performances Thursday night to sellout crowds.

And judging by the response from those in attendance – Minnesota's own Rock God absolutely killed it.

Miles the DJ, of our sister company Go 96.3, was among those in attendance, and in his review said he was "honored" to be present for a little piece of music history as Prince took to the stage without a band for the first time in his career.

"I was surprised he’d never played without a band before," he said. "But you wouldn’t know it? He’s quite good at that whole showmanship/performing thing!

"These stripped down versions continued to shine light on Prince’s greatness as a song writer. No matter the arrangement, those songs are timeless. Even tracks I was unfamiliar with grabbed my attention. No one loves flashy stage performances more than I do, but the nature of this particular event forced me to pay attention to the music and lyrics."

'A genius, at home, at the piano'

Rolling Stone, who described him it as a "genius, at home, alone at the piano," noted he came out in mauve pajamas, to a stage "decorated sparsely with candles, befogged by a smoke machine."

It highlights the autobiographical nature of the first show, with Prince starting by taking the crowd on a journey through his early struggles trying to step out of the shadow of his father, who wouldn't let the 3-year-old Prince touch his piano.


The Pioneer Press, in its review which said "the night belonged to Prince," said the show focused mostly on the first decade of his career, with mostly album tracks played in chronological order.

He also stopped himself during "Free" to pay tribute to David Bowie, Rolling Stone notes, saying: "I only met him once. He was nice to me. He seemed like he was nice to everybody."

The setlists were different for each show, but the first included pared-down versions of "Raspberry Beret" and "I Wanna Be Your Lover."

The second set, the Star Tribune notes, was more hit-laden with "Purple Rain," "Kiss." and "Nothing Compares 2 U."

The newspaper said the first performance was "the most revealing, intimate and personal show he's ever given," while the second was "more relaxed, emotional and hits-filled."

Over at CityPages, self-confessed Prince "novice" Grace Birnstengel described how "absurd" the experience of going to the concert was, with Prince making several demands of those lucky enough to get tickets, who were told to turn their phones off and not to swear.

Prince himself began tweeting some of the reviews sent to him afterward – here's some of what those in attendance were saying on Twitter:








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