What were the best Super Bowl commercials ever?

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Minnesota has a few connections to the Super Bowl commercials you'll see Sunday.

KSTP reports that a Eden Prairie man will appear in a Cenex spot during the NFL championship game event, which over the years has been celebrated almost as much for the splashy, high-priced ads as the football. And Minnesota-based General Mills has gotten a lot of media attention for bringing back a biracial family for a Cheerios commercial. A previous Cheerios ad featuring the actors generated controversy, as well as a lot of support.

A little Minnesota egg company was not selected as part of a national Super Bowl ad contest, the winner of which will be featured in an ad during the big game. (Wrenshal-based Locally-Laid Egg Co. leaders still got a nice trip to New York, though.)

All of this again raises a question frequently debated this time of year: What were the best Super Bowl commercials of all time? A few faves that seem to make all-time lists:

Coke's Mean Joe Green (1980)

Pepsi's Cindy Crawford (1992)

E-Trade's Talking Baby (2008)

Snickers' Betty White (2010)

Volkswagen's Darth Vader (2012)

This ad for Sunday's game, released a few days ago by Budweiser and already a YouTube hit, doubles down on cute by featuring the famous Clydesdales – plus a puppy.

To see more ads, the site Super Bowl Commercials groups the spots by year.

A number of teasers have been released for this year's spots (yes, we have previews of commercials now in America), including this ad for pistachios, featuring Stephen Colbert:

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