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What would be the most Minnesotan Super Bowl halftime show?

A meat raffle at halftime?

It's 12 months until the Super Bowl lands in Minneapolis and talk is turning to who will perform in the halftime show.

The Star Tribune has gone through some of the possible names to take to the field at U.S. Bank Stadium next year and given odds next to each – Taylor Swift being the 10-1 favorite, with other acts mentioned including Adele, Bon Jovi, and Fleetwood Mac.

But a much more tongue-in-cheek discussion has been happening on Reddit, as commenters on the Minnesota sub-reddit have been suggesting ideas for the most Minnesotan Super Bowl halftime show.

Obviously there are suggestions of a halftime "Prairie Home Companion" with Garrison Keillor, and performances by Minnesota legends Bob Dylan and Prince (in hologram form).

We think the funnier ideas though are those that poke fun at the social mores of friendly, polite, passive-aggressive Minnesota:

  • A couple at a table eating hot dish in silence. Towards the middle of the meal the wife would say "You sure have a lot to say tonight" and the husband would say "yep." They would then finish their meal and go to bed.
  • Everyone in the stands spends 20 minutes tidying up the area around them and then asks the person next to them if they need a blanket for the second half.
  • Have everyone bring a hot dish to the game and share them in the concourse at halftime.
  • No one sets foot on the field because they are all waving the other people to go first.
  • Opening the big doors and freezing everyone while one dopey white guy stood at center field tells everyone there how much we love winter.
  • Bob Dylan taking to the stage, opens the show with a song, says "goodbye" and proceeds to play for another 30 minutes.
  • A meat raffle.

To be fair, we'd take any of those suggestions over the last halftime show that Minnesota hosted...

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