What you should know before downloading the iPhone's new iOS 11

It's like getting a new phone – but without dropping $1,000.

A big update to Apple's operating system comes out Tuesday, and if you've been constantly clicking "check for update" (like I have), here's what you need to know. 

First, the iOS 11 update will likely be released at 10 a.m. Pacific Time. That's noon in Minnesota, so you can go back to concentrating on your job before then. (Your phone should notify you when it's ready, or you can keep clicking "software update" under "general" in the settings, like I plan to.)

Although some websites say it's best to wait to download the new iOS (it could take awhile because everyone will be trying to get it at the same time, plus there are usually some bugs at first), let's be honest – people are going to do whatever they want.

I plan to download it right away, even if it takes all day. 

That's because downloading a new iOS is almost like getting a new phone, but without dropping $1,000.

Some of the features with this update include a new control center, a smarter Siri, the ability to record what's on your screen, and a do not disturb for when you're driving. Read more about other features in this story by CNET

Tips before you download

Before you click download, there are a few things you should do.

Apple says to check and make sure your device is compatible (if you've got the iPhone 5s or newer, you're good to go). Also, have a recent backup of your device in the cloud or on your computer. 

Be sure to know your device's passcode, your Apple ID and password before you start the download, too.

You'll also have to be connected to WiFi and plug in your device before it'll let you download iOS 11. 

If possible, it's best to download the update when you're plugged into a computer. Lifehacker says it reduces the risk of something going wrong. 

Oh, and you'll have to have enough space on your device for the download. Wired says that's about 2 GB. 

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