Here's what David Letterman was doing in Minnesota with Al Franken

Probably working on his Netflix series.

Former Late Show host David Letterman was spotted around St. Paul Friday.

He dined at St. Paul's Afro Deli with Sen. Al Franken and Muna Abdullahi, the first Somali American U.S. Senate Page.

According to the Pioneer Press, Franken is a regular at the restaurant and ordered the lamb chapati wrap with french fries. Letterman got the roasted veggie sandwich.

Letterman was also spotted a few other places that day. 

But a tweet from Rep. Ilhan Omar gives some insight to Letterman's visit. Apparently Letterman is getting a new Netflix documentary and they were filming a segment for it. 

So what is this new documentary?

According to Netflix, the 70-year-old has signed a deal to develop a six-episode Netflix show that'll be released next year. 

We don't know what it's called and we don't know exactly what it's about. But Netflix says Letterman will be having "in-depth conversations with extraordinary people," and doing "in-the-field segments expressing his curiosity and humor."

Each hour-long episode will feature Letterman conducting a long-form conversation with one guest. You can read more about it here

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