What's wrong with this sports center? No women on the walls, petition says

More than 2,000 have signed the petition in Woodbury.

What's wrong with this picture of the Healtheast Sports Center in Woodbury?

According to the people behind a petition due to be sent to the city council, the problem is that the silhouettes only depict male athletes.

The sports center opened in 2014 and it hasn't been raised as an issue until now, when married couple Joseph and Robin Hennessy said their 8-year-old daughter brought it to their attention.

"Daddy, why aren't there any girls," she asked them after a recent soccer practice, Joseph Hennessy writes on their Change.org petition, noting that the six silhouettes on the outside of the building are all male.

It goes on to note that this "skewed representation" continues inside the building too, where the walls feature 18 male and 7 female athletes.

"Thousands of girls and women utilize this publicly owned facility, and deserve equal representation; anything less sends the wrong message to our girls and our community," the petition states.

The couple told the Pioneer Press they only thought they'd get 100 signatures, but as of Friday lunchtime it's closing in on 2,100.

A spokesman for the city told the newspaper the council will discuss the complaint at its Feb. 28 meeting, but admitted that changing the panels "would pose a technical and financial challenge."

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