Wheeee! Como Town ready for riders this weekend

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It's another sure sign that spring is, in fact, here.

The Pioneer Press reports that families – or at least the youngest members – will rejoice at Saturday's season opening of Como Town in. St. Paul. About 20 rides are waiting for them as the park opens for its 10th season. If you just can't wait, there's a second-by-second countdown to the opening minute on the ComoTown website. You can practically hear the fans on the Como Town Facebook page squealing as they post about their anticipation.

Rides are geared to kids 12 and younger. There are weekend hours through May 4 and the park is open every day beginning May 9 through Labor Day. Later evening hours start May 16.

WCCO noted that when Valley Fair opens on May 16, the Shakopee amusement park will offer visitors a new ride called Northern Lights. This ride is aimed at families, so it’s not among the park’s faster, wilder rides. The ride has a car holding passengers that slowly spins as it moves down and up a 300-foot track.

Last year, the WCCO reported on Como Town's new Soaring Eagle Zip Line, which spans the width of the park and gives riders a panoramic, bird's eye view of the grounds and the zoo, including the Gorilla Forest exhibit.

Here's KSTP's YouTube point-of-view video of the Soaring Eagle. (Not recommended for people made dizzy by heights, or videos of them.)

A $12.4 million project to fund transportation improvements near Como Park is included in the state's bonding bill, now pending at the legislature. An editorial in the Pioneer Press expressed support for the the project, which the newspaper said was "among deserving proposals with regional and statewide reach."

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