When it comes to pronouncing Minnesota cities, Californians are way off

Or, how not to say Wayzata.
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Credit: Only in Minnesota

Admit it, who knew how to say Mahtomedi on the first try?

A group of six unnamed Californians were recently given the "Can you pronounce this Minnesota city?" test by OnlyInYourState.com, and the results mostly aren't pretty.

New Prague, Shakopee, Lutsen, and other locales with less-than-obvious pronunciations get some educated guesses, and some less so. Hadn't considered Wayzata sounding like that old Budweiser "wazzup" ad? This viewing will change that.

But Californians aren't the only people who have no idea how to pronounce the names of things in our state. We don't either, as evidenced by this video:

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