When will this obnoxious Minnesota cold spell end? Very soon

The below-zero temps will be leaving soon.

Double digits (above zero, not below) seem like a dream long gone at this point. Especially if you're waking up to a "-33" on your phone like people in Bigfork did.

But good news: We are about to be pulled from this subzero hole, even up into the mid-20s.

Cold through the week

It won't flip immediately.

The National Weather Service Twin Cities says Thursday and Friday temps will be much like they have been recently – lows well in the negative, highs in the single digits if you're lucky.

Around Duluth, Friday night into Saturday morning will dip to -25 or -30 – the actual temp, not the wind chill. Throughout the rest of the state, it will bottom out that night in the -5 to -10 range.


How long does it take to get frostbite when it's this cold?

These temps continue the recent cold trend we've become accustomed to. 

The period of Dec. 25 through Jan. 1 that ended 2017 was the coldest final week of the year on record for the Twin Cities, going back to 1886, the Weather Service said. It meant that December came in with an average temperature a little below normal, despite the very mild start to the month.

Then the 'warmth' comes

We're using "warmth" here as a relative term, because it'd still be considered pretty cold for most Americans.

Temps will swing up above zero Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

In the Twin Cities region, that means a high of 12 the first day of the weekend, a chance of snow that night, then highs in the upper 20s for Sunday and Monday.

Conditions will be pretty similar in northwest Minnesota, though with a slightly higher chance of snow Saturday, with temps topping out at about 25 Sunday and Monday.

Duluth will see a particularly large jump compared to Friday night – reaching 21 degrees above zero Sunday (with some snow coming Saturday evening following a single-digit day).

In southwest Minnesota, a high of 17 Saturday will lead into a 30-degree Sunday. On the other side of the state, the high temp Sunday might fall just shy of that mark, hitting 29 in the Rochester area.

Compared to what we've been getting? This'll feel downright balmy.

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