Where's Shia LaBeouf? He passed through MN on his performance art road trip

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Actor Shia LaBeouf doesn't know where he's going. And the list of places he's been keeps growing.

Now he can add a jaunt across southern Minnesota on I-90 to that list.

The "Transformers" star and two traveling companions (Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner) are on a month long performance art road trip they call #takemeanywhere.

In the morning they post their GPS coordinates to Twitter. Whoever reaches them first gets to take the trio ... wherever they feel like taking them.

Where have they been?

Since starting their 30-day project in Colorado on May 23, LaBeouf and friends have seen plenty of real estate – traveling around the Rockies, dipping down to New Orleans then up to Chicago, back down to the southeast, on to Philadelphia, a couple of the Great Lakes, and now they're zipping across the Upper Midwest. (Track their progress here.)

The Post Crescent of Appleton, Wisconsin, reports that on Sunday evening the group rode a car ferry from Ludington, Michigan, across Lake Michigan to Manitowoc.

The newspaper says they were in Sheboygan Monday morning. They then zipped through southern Minnesota on Interstate 90 and passed into South Dakota before 7 p.m., according to the Sioux Falls Argus Leader.



Why is this happening?


One of the organizers of the project, the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, says "The American road trip has long been symbolic of a collective yearning to seek out beauty and truth within a corrupt nation." As part of a closer look at corruption, the museum wonders: "Can we find such truths within the corrupted networks of society, and preserve something of the utopian naivety of the Internet age?"

Uh ... OK.

LaBeouf and his fellow travelers told the website Vice.com the trip is also about making friends and finding meaning in life.

As they use social media to hitchhike their way through America, LaBeouf and friends are documenting their trip. It's actually only the latest of several performance art projects they've produced. They're collected at their site thecampaignbook.com.

Will their art bring them back to Minnesota for a look at something other than the Interstate?

LaBeouf and his cohorts may be the last to know. The winds of fate and the internet could take them anywhere.




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