Which Minnesota high school was a trivia question on 'Millionaire' last night?

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It's usually famous alumni or all-time athletics records that turn high schools into trivia questions on game shows.

But in the case of this Twin Cities high school, it was an association with, of all things, pizza rolls that earned it a mention on ABC's "Who Wants to be a Millionaire!"

The episode, which aired Thursday night and featured former "Bachelor" contestant Michelle Money competing for charity, hit her with this nugget of a question:

"While it doesn't offer classes in how to make pizza rolls, which of these is an actual Catholic high school named after its frozen food magnate benefactor?"

She replied with the correct answer, Totino-Grace Catholic High School, which is in Fridley.

Indeed, the school is partly named after Jim and Rose Totino – founders of the famous Totino's frozen pizza brand, which started with a Minneapolis restaurant in the 1950s.

They later sold the business to Pillsbury, which itself was subsequently bought by General Mills – current owner of Totino's.

The high school says it was originally named for Archbishop Thomas L. Grace, but later "augmented" its name to honor the Totinos' "generous benefaction."

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