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Which movie would win the Best Picture Oscar if it were based on YouTube trailer views

Because if there's any statistic that's a reliable indicator of a video's quality, it's YouTube views.

The Oscars are Sunday night, and there are plenty of people who think they have the perfect recipe to predict the winners.

We're not going to jump onboard though. Instead, we're going to rely on a time-tested, trusted metric: The number of trailer views on YouTube.

YouTube (which is owned by Google) did that work for us recently, ranking the nine Best Picture nominees based on how many people viewed the trailer – both from the studios, as well as popular aggregators.

If we were to go solely by the popular trailer view vote, the winner for Best Picture would be ...

La La Land. Which very well might win anyway because everyone seems to love it. The betting markets have it as the favorite.

Coming in at No. 2 was Arrival, while Hacksaw Ridge finished third. Check out the rest of the ranking here.

In a blog post, Google/YouTube says the trailers of all those films together racked up about 3 million hours of time watched. That'd be like watching the 111-minute Best Picture nominee Moonlight 1,621,621 times.

The blog post also goes over this data from Pixability, which dives into some other metrics, including which types of trailers tend to get the most views (it's superhero movies). It also notes music videos tied to movies tend to have really high engagement.

There's another post which maps how popular the Best Picture nominees are across the country – for example, Hacksaw Ridge was generally way more popular in northeastern Minnesota compared to the average popularity across the country.
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