Who could it be? Target Center teases 'major concert' announcement Thursday


Could it be the Rolling Stones? Prince? Or maybe 11 shows wasn't enough for Garth Brooks?

Either way, music lovers can expect a big act to head to Minneapolis after the Target Center teased a "major concert" that it will announce Thursday morning.

The Star Tribune says this is a "rare move" for the venue, causing speculation about which act could possibly trigger such a tease.

The newspaper thinks that U2 are the favorites, noting how they are already planning a 2015 arena tour, with more cities expected to be added. The Irish band were last in Minneapolis in 2011, but then they played in the much larger TCF Bank stadium.

Second in line are the perennially touring Rolling Stones, with Axs reporting that the aging rockers are planning to continue touring throughout 2015, so could we see Mick Jagger strutting on the stage downtown once more?

After a record sell-out at the Target Center for Garth Brooks, there is also a good chance that another major country act could fit the bill, given the runaway success of Brooks' mini-residency at the venue which saw more than 200,000 tickets sold.

And for the romantics, could it mean a homecoming for Minneapolis' own Prince? He last played at the Target Center in 2007 and has released two albums this year.

Even more sentimental would be a reunion gig for The Replacements, hot on the heels of their emotional return to Midway Stadium, as described by The Current, in September, though the Tribune has them at 500-1 rank outsiders.

So, who would you like to see take to the stage at the Target Center?

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