Who wants to buy this historic bridge?

MnDOT is looking for buyers.

Here's an opportunity you don't see every day, the chance to buy an international road bridge.

Well technically, it's half a bridge that the Minnesota Department of Transportation is looking to offload, namely the Baudette Bridge that spans the Rainy River between Minnesota and Ontario, Canada.

The reason it's only half of the 1,285-foot bridge is because Canada owns the other half, with MnDOT looking for people to take one or all of the three 192-foot-long trusses that Minnesota owns,.

The best part? You can have it for free. The worst part? You have to pay for its removal and transportation.

Ok, so it's probably not for everyone, nonetheless it's a piece of Minnesota history.

The bridge was built in 1959 as part of efforts in Minnesota and Canada to create more connections that would relieve congestion at other border crossings.

It's a "Pennsylvania through truss" bridge, which MnDOT says is an uncommon bridge type in Minnesota.

It's going to be replaced with a new, adjacent bridge, construction on which will start in 2018. It will be open for traffic in mid-2020.

MnDOT wants to hear proposals from interested parties, and will consider it being reused elsewhere provided the buyer meets its conditions.

If no buyer is found, the bridge will be demolished. 

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