Why do the Vikings call out Justin Bieber's name? Or do they?

Listen to their audible and see if you Belieb it.

Let's say you come out of your football team's huddle and notice as you line up for the play that your opponents are in an unexpected formation. 

You want to change the agreed-upon play. But how do you communicate that to your teammates without letting the other guys know what you're doing?

Well, if you're the Minnesota Vikings you might call out Justin Bieber's name. 

At least that's what a number of people watching Monday Night Football thought they heard. 

Hmmm. Here it is again:

Or they could've been saying something else.

Is there a Minnesota-Bieber connection?

If you know of one, feel free to help us out. 

He's no stranger to the state. He's been spotted relaxing in the Detroit Lakes area, although last year's rumor that he planned to buy a home on Lake Minnetonka proved to be a hoax

The Vikings stadium was one of the venues on the part of Bieber's world tour that got canceled this summer.

Did the team slip him into their play-calling lexicon to give him a presence at U.S. Bank Stadium? 

It sounds like a long shot but there's no arguing with the Beliebers.

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