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Why my food-sharing pact with friends is the best thing at the Minnesota State Fair

You need to try this.

GoMN producers are taking turns explaining what they think the best part of the Minnesota State Fair is. We've already had pitches for Corn Roast and Giggles' Campfire Grill – but Melissa Turtinen has a strategy to get all of it.

One of the best things about the Minnesota State Fair is eating all the food. 

Not one or two foods – ALL of them.

I have a long list of must-eat foods at the fair: cheese curds, fried pickles, pronto pup, cotton candy, roasted corn, frozen cider pop, Sweet Martha's – plus those new Fair foods I want to try. 

There's so much to choose from, and it's hard to narrow down what to eat. If you don't want to be rolled home like Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka, you've gotta have a strategy so you can try all the things without becoming obnoxiously full.

That's why the food-sharing pact I have with my friends is the best thing about the Minnesota State Fair. 

There's a group of about four of us who take turns buying the foods we want to try, and then we share them. 

It's great, because you get to try a ton of different food items without getting too full – and without getting sick of what you're eating or having to throw anything away.

For example, last year during my hangover Fair foods day I got to try all of this over the course of about six hours:

Mac and Cheese Cupcake, Mac and Cheese on a Stick, Bang Bang Fresh Chicken Tenders, Reuben Pickle Dog, Deep Fried Grilled Cheese, a Pronto Pup with mustard, a Cider Freeze, and some Sweet Martha's.

Try to tackle the fair on your own and you'll get to half of that. Maybe.

The only thing we don't share is beer. (OK maybe a few sips if someone ordered a brew others hadn't tried before.) 

If you really like something, you can always go back and get more of it. But usually the portions are big enough where you don't need to.

So if you want to maximize your food mileage, grab a few friends and chow down together. It'll probably become your new favorite thing about the Fair.

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