Why Corn Roast is the best thing at the Minnesota State Fair

Is it healthy? Probably not. But is it healthier than other fair staples? Heck yeah.

GoMN producers are taking turns explaining what they think the best part of the Minnesota State Fair is. In part one, Declan Desmond argued for Giggles' Campfire Grill.Here's Shaymus McLaughlin going to bat for Corn Roast.

I am not a health nut. I don't do the paleo thing where people only eat bird seed (or whatever it entails).

But I do make myself think about it a little bit. I try to gets lots of fruits and veggies in so I don't feel bad about myself when I do get that occasional burger, for example. 

I also have a pretty great/terrible mental gymnastics move I do to convince myself I'm eating healthier than I probably am: I buy the slightly-not-as-bad-for-me option, and pretend it's actually a good option.

For example: "Oh no see, I got the whole grain Cheez Its, not the regular grain ones – so they're healthy," I tell myself in the cracker aisle.

Or this one: "I put spinach and green peppers and onions on this pizza. So I'm getting my vegetable vitamins, not eating complete junk like if it were a pepperoni-only pizza."

See how it works? I make something slightly less bad for me, then compare it to the worse option to make it seem better.

It's willful self-delusion. Genius, right?

Which brings me to Corn Roast.

The Corn Roast booth is the best place at the Minnesota State Fair because I can snag a grab-and-go food option that satisfies my "healthy" eating trick.

After a few hours of walking around, munching on cheese curds and scarfing down a brat, Corn Roast is a vegetable oasis amidst the fried food desert.

For $3 (unchanged in years!) I get an entire ear of corn – and get to tell myself I ate a vegetable. I've ticked that health box in the food pyramid.

Does this ignore the butter – which they go through 4,000 pounds of every fair –that is quite literally dripping off of those glimmering yellow kernels? Yes.

Does this also discount the salt I shake into every crevice? Absolutely.

But it's better than eating an ice cream cone or a hunk of meat or some other terrible-for-me State Fair staple.

At least the corn on the cob gets me a little fiber and some phytochemicals that keep my vision strong.

It's not 100 percent "healthy," but is it healthier than, say, a fried candy bar? Hell yeah it is.

So thank you Corn Roast, for being the best "healthy" option at the State Fair $3 can buy. And for saving me from the guilt that would come from an entire day at the Fair with no veggies.

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