Wii Sports is so old it's now 1 of 12 Video Game Hall of Fame finalists

The full list of finalists includes some old classics, and some newer games that will make you feel old.

Wii Sports came out in 2006, meaning it's more than a decade old (you probably feel old now).

And the game, basically a bundled Wiimote demonstration, had such a huge impact on the industry that it's now one of 12 finalists for the Video Game Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame, which is run by The Strong National Museum of Play, announced its finalists Tuesday morning. Not all of them will be inducted – those that get in will be announced in a ceremony on May 4.

The list of finalists ranges from some old arcade games, to newer-but-long-running franchises that, again, don't seem that old but kind of are now. Here are all 12 of the finalists:

Donkey Kong – Specifically the 1981 arcade version.

Final Fantasy VII – The 1997 entry into the Final Fantasy series, which was the first with full 3-D computer graphics.

Halo: Combat Evolved – The Xbox's flagship shooter, which launched in 2001. Playing this game right now is like you in the year 2000, playing a game from 1984.

Microsoft Windows Solitaire – You know the one.

Mortal Kombat – The original over-the-top fighter from 1992.

Myst – That computer puzzle game that usually one person in your friend group was really good at.

Pokémon Red and Green – The original Pokémon titles that launched the series in Japan.

Portal – The puzzle game that inspired this meme.

Resident Evil – Arguably the first survival horror game to reach a mass audience.

Street Fighter II – One of the most successful versions of the arcade fighting series.

Tomb Raider – Including all its ridiculous, polygonal, poorly proportioned models.

Wii Sports – Don't get stuck in a tennis war.

To make the World Video Game Hall of Fame, a title has to be iconic, enjoyed over a long period of time, be an international game, and influence what comes after it.

There are currently 12 games in the Hall of Fame, the most Minnesota of which is The Oregon Trail.

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