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Will MN security hospital be basis for TV show? Former employee hopes so


A former employee of the Minnesota Security Hospital in St. Peter hopes to develop a television show based on what she saw there.

Barbara Pelton and her husband Bill announced last week they're raising money for the project, which is in the developmental stage.

The facility in St. Peter is a locked hospital for patients whom a court has decided are mentally ill and dangerous.

Barbara Pelton says the show would be a fictional drama based on her experience working there.

She tells the St. Peter Herald the goal is not to attack the state, but to bring attention and change to the mental health industry.

The Peltons say they've deliberately chosen an inflammatory name for the proposed show – "The Nut Hut" – because they want it to be controversial to call attention to the problems within the facility.

Barbara Pelton says while some of the patients in St. Peter are very ill, others landed there after a traumatic event and, while they are trying to get better, there are not enough resources there to help them.

She describes a facility that is understaffed, with constant turnover among employees who are trained to deal with the situations they face.

The Peltons have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for "The Nut Hut."

The St. Peter Herald says the Minnesota Department of Human Services confirmed that Barbara Pelton worked at the state hospital but said it would have no comment on the proposed TV show.

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