Will Mpls. baker's yeast-made donuts rise to challenge of reality TV?


Calling all squad cars...

Be on the lookout for our friend the humble donut. But be advised you may not recognize it.

Now that its a big cheese. As in ... having its own television show.

Yes, Wednesday night the Cooking Channel premieres its latest twist on gustatory gamesmanship: Donut Showdown.

The competitive cooking trend is shining the lights of the small screen right through our little pastry. And a Minnesota baker is in the center of it all.

Dawn Lee, formerly of the Donut Cooperative in Minneapolis, is one of the three bakers competing in the Smackd -- er, Showdown.

And this is news that's fit to print, people. It's drawn the attention of the New York Times, which has its television writer on the case.

City Pages reported in June that fans of the Donut Cooperative were cheered to learn of the shop's involvement in the new show. That's because the establishment that was launched through a Kickstarter campaign closed up shop in December.

Back when it was open, Dawn Lee told the Heavy Table of her preference for donuts made from yeast rather than the more common cake variety.

And if some of those goodies should win the Donut Showdown? Well, that'd be worth an All Points Bulletin.

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