Will the new Blade Runner answer the question that's divided fans for decades?

Check out the new trailer for Blade Runner 2049.

Continuing the theme of "Harrison Ford appears in sequels to the movies that made him famous," there's a new Blade Runner coming out.

A new trailer for Blade Runner 2049 dropped on Monday, featuring Ryan Gosling in the main role alongside Ford, Jared Leto, Robin Wright and Minnesota's own Barkhad Abdi.

First impressions from the trailer are that the sequel will be every bit as visually stunning as Ridley Scott's 1982 sci-fi classic, and will feature a similar slow build interspersed with some high-tempo action sequences.

But intriguingly for Blade Runner fans, there could be a definitive answer to the question that has been the source of much contention over the past 35 years (semi-spoilers for a decades-old movie follow) – is Harrison Ford's character, Rick Deckard, a replicant?

Replicants are the bioengineered, human-like androids created for military purposes and space exploration. Some went rogue in the original film and Deckard was the LAPD cop chosen to track them down.

The crucial part of this new trailer is when Ryan Gosling's character, himself a cop, says to Deckard: "I want to ask you some questions."

This refers to the Voight-Kampff test questions, which are used in the movie to determine whether someone is human or replicant.

Here's a Quora thread on the various arguments and perspectives for and against Deckard being a replicant.

Scott himself seemed to confirm in a 2007 recut of the original movie that Deckard is in fact a replicant.

However, Ford himself said he believes the character is human. So does celebrated author Philip K. Dick, who wrote the novel Blade Runner is based on.

We'll check back on Harrison Ford's career in 2018, when we assume new versions of Witness and The Fugitive will be released before that upcoming Indiana Jones sequel hits in 2020.

Here's the trailer.


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