Will Prince perform on night 3 of his weekend dance party?



Prince fans have trekked to Paisley Park in Chanhassen the past two nights, hoping to see the Purple One perform as part of his three-night "international dance party." But so far, no luck.

Prince did appear on stage Saturday night a few times - very briefly, while Liv Warfield was performing - according to the Star Tribune. But he didn't sing and he played a few chords on his guitar for maybe 90 seconds for the crowd of about 1,000 people.

Fans who paid an additional $20 got to take a tour of the Paisley Park studios, and Andrea Swensson of MPR's The Current took that tour and described what it was like on her blog.

On Friday night, Prince didn't show his face at all, the newspaper notes.

Perhaps he's saving the best for last - Sunday night, the last of the weekend's three shows.

After all, when he announced the event just last week, Prince billed it as a celebration of the release of his new album, “HITNRUN." So you would assume that he would perform some material from that new album. But he never made any promises to that effect.

Tickets for each night were $40, for which attendees get access to “food and beverage,” tunes spun by DJ Kiss, and the promise of some “live music.”

The album is officially released at one minute after midnight, so perhaps that's when he'll perform some of the new material on it.

The marathon event is being put on in association with Tidal – the pay-for streaming service launched by Jay-Z, through which Prince's new album will premiere.

Prince removed his entire catalogue from the free music streaming service Spotify in July, The Verge reports.

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