With each passing day, Sun Country Airlines gets less Minnesotan

It's slashing jobs, and now it's slashing Surly from its menu.

It's been two months since Sun Country Airlines announced it is being sold to a New York-based asset management firm, and things are changing fast.

Already the company that once called itself "Minnesota's Hometown Airline" is shedding the things that made it Minnesotan, even if it's still based here.

Earlier this week it was announced it would be cutting 350 jobs from its Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport base, with those roles being outsourced to a Canadian company.

And now it's been revealed that beers made by one of Minnesota's own breweries, Surly, is no longer on the menu on Sun Country flights.


– Sun Country is no longer Minnesota owned.

The company confirmed to a Twitter user that Surly had been taken off its purchasable drinks menu as a result of having "streamlined" its food and drink options (ie. cut costs).

Surly was introduced on Sun Country flights in 2014, with the airline offering the Hell, Furious and Bender for a relatively reasonable $7.

At the time, marketing director Drew Hack said it "made sense to tether ourselves to other brands that are Minnesota made.

Now it seems that tether has been cut, with Sun Country becoming less Minnesotan with each passing day as it chases growth opportunities under its new owners.

Sun Country didn't respond to GoMN when asked for comment, but it did respond to CityPages, which says its beer menu now consists of Budweiser and Michelob Golden Light (great...).

"We are consistently evaluating ways we can gain efficiencies in order to invest in the growth of Sun Country," it added. "As such, adjustments have been made to our inflight menu including the removal of craft beer for the time being."

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