Woodbury natives to deliver debut horror movie at LA Film Festival


A pair of longtime friends from Woodbury are getting prepared to deliver their debut horror film to the LA Film Festival, the Woodbury Bulletin reports.

Adam Schindler and Brian Netto -- who first remade the possessed doll horror flick "Child's Play" with a Cabbage Patch doll standing in for the character Chucky in sixth grade -- are birthing "Delivery" at the prestigious festival in June.

The 1996 Woodbury High School graduates both moved out to Los Angeles in 2002 after graduating from college to pursue their filmmaking dreams, and have worked their way through the film business taking various jobs and making contacts.

Schindler and Netto started writing the script for "Delivery" in 2009, and after hitting the wall trying to get the film financed, they turned to filmmaker Oren Peli for advice on low-budget filmmaking after Peli's "Paranormal Activity" became a worldwide blockbuster.

Like "Paranormal Activity," Schindler and Netto's "Delivery" is a found footage film about a young couple who documents their first pregnancy for a family-oriented reality show until something goes horribly wrong.

Telling the story through abandoned and un-aired reality footage, as well as testimonials from people who had a first-hand account of the tragedy, we see the production spiral out of control as the cameras capture a series of unexplained events -- leading the wife (Laurel Vail) to believe their unborn child is possessed by a malevolent spirit.

"I think people are going to enjoy seeing our spin on a reality show gone wrong," Netto, who directed the film, told the Woodbury Patch. Schindler is the producer of the film.

"Delivery" is slated to make its world premiere June 18 in the LA Film Fest's "The Beyond/Retro" category, which "offers films that dare to be different." It will screen again June 21.

The category offers Audience Awards for Best International Feature or Best Narrative Feature.

The film so far has attracted the attention of such major horror movie websites as Shock Till You Drop, Dread Central and Bloody Disgusting.

JoeBlo.com said it's difficult to get excited with point-of-view movies because the market is so flooded with them, but "with the right hook, a found footage movie can still entice. Such is the case with 'Delivery.'"

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