Workers found a very old corpse of a monkey in the Dayton's building

One person thinks he has the answer as to how the monkey got there.
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Does the image above look familiar?

If so, you probably saw it on Facebook as the Old Minneapolis post has shared more than 1,000 times in a matter of days. 

It's a photo of a dried, shriveled up monkey that workers found inside the old Dayton's/Macy's building in Minneapolis while they were remodeling work.

How it got there and how long it had been decaying is unclear, but Steve Laboe, a former employee at the 9th-floor Target in the building, wrote a comment with a possible answer to the mystery.  

"There was a guy who worked for Dayton's for over 50 years. He told me about the monkey that had escaped from the 8th floor pet store. Yes it was indeed on the 8th floor because I remember shopping there in my youth. The guy told me that this took place sometime back in the 60s, over the weekend, because when they found the cage empty on Monday they knew something was up. 

"They finally determined that the monkey had escaped in the air conditioning duct work. Someone complained about a horrible odor a few hours later and (as he explained it to me) the monkey tried to make a jump for it but managed to get caught up in one of the exhaust fan blades. Needless to say, it wasn't a pretty picture."

According to, the pet shop was actually on the 7th floor.

The building is currently undergoing a $191 million renovation as part of the new "The Dayton's Project."

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