This is the worst mistake ever made on a map

And that is definitely not hyperbole.

Oh come on. Of all the states you could mix up, it had to be us and Wisconsin, didn't it?

This snapshot from a magazine circulated on the /r/CrappyDesign subreddit recently, with some magazine editor's double mistake clearly highlighted.

The state of Wisconsin is labeled as "Minnesota." And the state of Michigan is labeled "Wisconsin." It looks like the story is about FitBit's ranking of America's fittest cities – which Minnesota actually did pretty well on.

But this map?


"Oh come on Minnesota has a pretty distinctive shape!" wrote one commenter. To which someone else replied: "Exactly. I can sorta forgive someone for confusing Colorado and Wyoming, but this is ridiculous."

But this was our favorite reaction, from Iamananorak:

"As a Minnesotan, I am appalled. I have half a mind to ride my blue ox to the Fitbit headquarters and play Prince until they fix this."

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