The new 'It' trailer is out, and it looks a whole lot scarier than that '90s one

Pennywise the clown is back and scarier than ever.

If you have coulrophobia – that's a fear of clowns – you might want to watch with caution. 

Thursday, Warner Brothers released the official trailer for It – the latest thriller based on Steven King's best-selling novel about a killer clown. 

If you've watched the '90s version like it was NBD, you're in for a treat. This one looks a lot more realistic and intense. 

Plus it kind of has a Stranger Things vibe – and it's not just because Finn Wolfhard (aka Mike Wheeler) stars in it. 

The movie is set to hit theaters Sept. 8. And according to Variety and some other sources, the creators are already planning a sequel. 

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