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Yelp says this is the best restaurant in Minnesota

Yelp used an algorithm to determine the best restaurant in each state.

Yelp says it figured out the best restaurant in Minnesota.

The website used an algorithm that combined users' written reviews and ratings (out of five stars) to find the top eatery – excluding chain restaurants – in each state, USA Today said.

Some of the results are not so surprising, like a restaurant that's described as a "new taste of the Old West" winning best in North Dakota, and a meat and cheese spot that grabbed the top slot for Wisconsin.

But Minnesotans' tastes are a bit more worldly – Yelp says our best restaurant is a Vietnamese joint.

My Huong Kitchen is rated No. 1 in the state, according to the algorithm. It has a 4.5/5 rating on Yelp and over 250 written reviews.

My Huong Kitchen describes the food as "Vietnamese comfort food" and claims it doesn't skimp on quality or portions.

While the algorithm might simply reveal what's commonly reviewed on Yelp, the restaurant actually has even better ratings on Urbanspoon, Facebook and Google, so it can't be all wrong.

My Huong Kitchen is located at 2718 Nicollet Ave. in Minneapolis, where you can dine-in or take your grub to go.

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