Yep, people really do care more about dogs than other humans

You can only save one: Puppy or baby? Go.
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Which do you prefer: Dogs or other people?

How about puppies or babies? Be honest. 

If you picked the pooch in either of those scenarios, you're not alone. According to some studies, people really do prefer dogs over humans. 

Business Insider says a study published in the journal Society & Animals found that people have more empathy for dogs than for fellow humans.

The study looked at 256 undergraduates at a "major northeastern university." The students were asked to read a fake news report describing a brutally beaten human adult or child, or an adult dog or puppy. Then they had to indicate their degree of empathy for the injured subject. 

Turns out people cared most about the puppy and baby, but the adult dog wasn't far behind. People didn't have nearly as much empathy for the adult human, though. 

“Subjects did not view their dogs as animals, but rather as ‘fur babies,’ or family members alongside human children,” the researchers concluded.

The other study

According to the Independent, a medical research charity did a similar study a few years ago. 

It put out two different advertisements that read, “Would you give £5 to save Harrison from a slow, painful death?” 

The difference between the two advertisements was that one showed Harrison as a dog, the other showed Harrison as a little boy.

Guess who raised more money?

Yep, Harrison the dog. 

Dogs are really expressive

If you need another reason to love dogs, it turns out they're more expressive when humans are around. 

According to Science Alert, it was previously thought that animal facial expressions were unconscious, aka things that just happened. 

But another study found that dogs raise their eyebrows and even open their eyes wider when they're looking for affection. 

The study even looked to see if the animals were being cute for the sake of treats, but no. Dogs just really love people. 

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