Yet another exotic animal arrested by cops in Minnesota

This adorable reptile turned up in Eagan this week.

What is it with all these exotic animals getting lost in Minnesota recently?

The latest to turn up out of nowhere is this adorable (if cold-blooded) little guy, who was found by police in the Twin Cities suburb of Eagan on Wednesday:

One commenter suggested the Eagan PD should adopt the iguana as a mascot, but it looks like they won't be getting that chance – because it's now back with its owner. 

The police station told GoMN on Thursday that the lizard was claimed late last night.

Other weird animal sightings in Minnesota

Earlier this month, a 5-foot pet snake created a minor sensation when it slithered away from its owner's home in Princeton, Minnesota.

Luckily, the reptile (whose name is Rocky, which makes him a "Balboa" constrictor... sorry, couldn't resist) was found about a week later on a neighbor's doorstep.

And on Thursday morning in Sartell, a rooster had to be chased down by some cops after he went on a morning stroll and tried ordering coffee at a drive-up window:

He was caught without incident, and later reunited with his owner. 

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