You can watch the entire 1998 Vikings-Cowboys Thanksgiving game online (for free)

The classic is available to watch – for free – online.
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The Vikings get the early Thanksgiving game this year, and will kick off against the Lions at 11:30 a.m. on FOX.

It's a chance for the Vikings to get some revenge after a bad loss earlier this season, and widen their lead over Detroit in the NFC North.


– The Vikings are one of the best teams in the NFL – so why is the national media ignoring them?

But before you settle in to watch the game (leaving the rest of your family to do all the cooking and "spending quality time together" thing), you need to take a trip down nostalgia lane.

The entire '98 Vikings-Cowboys game, when rookie Randy Moss torched Dallas with 3 TDs and 168 yards, is available on YouTube.

A few observations after skipping around and watching pieces of the game:

– God bless the invention of high def broadcasts and widescreen. Football looks so much better now.

– Rookie Randy Moss was absurdly good, and that Dennis Green offense was a treat week in and week out. Look at how easy this flea flicker was.

– Old turf is nowhere near the color of grass. It looks like the display settings on the TV might be wrong.

– Hey, look who it is!

– And we'll pass on the turducken.

Anyways, the Vikings are 5-2 overall on Turkey Day games, with one of those losses coming last year against the Lions. 

Enjoy the game.

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