You could work at the Paisley Park Prince museum when it opens next month

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Paisley Park is hiring.

The Chanhassen complex – which served as a home, recording studio and performance space to the late Prince – will need workers when it opens as a museum next month.

Under the jobs section on the official Paisley Park website, it says they're looking for catalogue, merchandise and tour associates, as well as security guards and ecology associates.

There are no job descriptions, but some seem pretty self-explanatory.

To apply, you need to fill out this application, then email it to It doesn't say how many people they're hoping to hire, or what the pay would be.

WCCO also reports there will be a job fair on Sept. 8 and 9 at Chanhassen Dinner Theatres, and has more details about open positions.

We've reached out to the theater and Paisley Park for more information.

The Paisley Park museum

The hope is to have Paisley Park open for tours by Oct. 6.

That's according to documents sent to the City of Chanhassen by the building's management, which is asking the property to be rezoned as a museum.

The guided tours of the 65,000-square-foot complex, according to the business plan, would be on the main floor of Paisley Park only.

It would take people through the recording and mixing studios, video-editing rooms, rehearsal rooms, Prince’s private NPG Music Club, plus the soundstage and performance hall. There will also be a portion of the tour that goes into the garage, where the tour bus and cars will be able to be viewed.

They hope to be open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. during the week, and 9 a.m. to midnight on weekends.

Tickets would be sold online only for $38.50 (though there could be a VIP package for $100), and the planned tours would be 70 minutes or so.

You can buy tickets through the Paisley Park website here.

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