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Ephraim Eusebio, Lakes Area Realty

Realtor at Lakes Area Realty
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As a REALTOR, I know that my service can be much more than aiding in the process of buying and selling properties. I find many areas where I can apply my natural abilities of mindfully communicating and finding creative solutions. I can also save you a lot of time and money!

I have an intention of making a positive difference in the lives of ALL of the people I meet.

About Ephraim Eusebio

I was born in Minneapolis and have lived in the metro area most of my life. I have owned investment property and a home in Minneapolis since 1997 and I enjoy living very near my new Lakes Area Realty Powderhorn Park branch office at 3500 Bloomington Ave S that I manage. I am also the Co-Director of an Art Gallery at the same location called Modus Locus, where we hold many different kinds of community and art events as well as home-buying workshops. Thank you for taking this step towards buying or selling using me as your REALTOR. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or comments. I want to be an ongoing resource for you!