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Jennifer Fischer, Lakes Area Realty

Realtor at Lakes Area Realty
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Jennifer Fischer is a Lakes Area Realty Realtor. She is a Minnesota-based realtor.

Jennifer Fischer, Lakes Area Realty

Growing up in southern Minnesota on a farm taught me many things. Chasing chickens twice is a real thing! Time with family is the most valuable and you never forget the design or floor plan of a home you love.

These days I am far from the farm but continue to have a love for home designs, floor plans, and time with family. After being a teacher and realizing the schedule wasn’t flexible enough to be a mother while working, I found a career where I can work with others and help teach them about the experience of buying or selling a home. Combining a love for teaching and learning with my love for real estate!

I love the aspect of vacation homes and how they highlight how valuable family time is. Another focus of mine is the unique layout of accessible homes which goes with my passion of inclusion and advocacy for people of all abilities.

Outside of being a mother to four children ages 7-15 and a realtor, I am a Minnesota ambassador for the LGS foundation. I am also a member of the Epilepsy Society of Minnesota, active with Hopekids, and spend time volunteering in the community while being a fierce advocate for children with special needs.

I would love the opportunity to help you achieve your real estate dreams whether it having chickens on a farm, being in a big city, small town, or owning a vacation home. I’d be honored to assist you in your next real estate transaction!