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Kathy Ekberg, Lakes Area Realty

Realtor at Lakes Area Realty
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Kathy Ekberg

Kathy Ekberg

Kathy Ekberg loves her job. She has always loved working with people, and she loves houses. Becoming a realtor was an easy choice.

Real estate is really about relationships. You spend a lot of time with your realtor when buying or selling your house. Kathy will be respectful and adjust to each client's communication style. Some clients have bought and sold numerous properties, so they enjoy being more independent in the process. Some clients want hand-holding and assistance through each step. Kathy will be very helpful to give those clients all the information and guidance they want. She gives her all to each client, and many of her past clients are now part of her circle of friends.

As a former St. Paul and Minneapolis special education teacher, she has great patience and is very creative with problem-solving.

When you're ready to talk about buying or selling, contact Kathy. You'll be happy that you did.