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Larry LaVercombe, Lakes Area Realty

Realtor at Lakes Area Realty.
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Our philosophy is simple. Diane and I practice these beliefs.

  • Be honest and respectful, and work hard.
  • Do the right thing.
  • Don’t take short cuts; don’t go for the quick buck.
  • Be knowledgeable and informed, and share that knowledge with the people you meet.

This business is about character, hard work and experience.  We've been selling real estate in this market for 23 years, and we've been community members even longer. Please check out our most recent home sales here.

​We believe in having collegial rather than combative relationships with other realtors.

It’s why so many of them call us when they are looking for homes not yet listed on MLS, and it’s why we win lots of multiple offers: our colleagues know us and respect us.

We believe in supplying thoroughly researched and relevant data to our clients, so you can make informed and considered decisions. We keep up with the trends and the statistics, and we pass our knowledge on to you.

​And we believe in contributing to the community.  We consider ourselves to be fortunate people in a difficult world. Our community is our lifeblood, and we honor it: through justice-related issues, charitable contributions, and civic involvement.

Our community website,, promotes Southwest High School, local businesses, and cultural events. I’ve served on many committees, and I run the music stage for many events, including The Linden Hills Festival and Woofstock.

Call me or my wife and partner, Diane. You’ll be glad you did!