2 babies born after moms tried Excelsior restaurant's 'Labor Inducer' burger

Word on the street is that the burger is tasty even if you're not pregnant.

Pregnant and worried that your baby is going to challenge the due date? Never fear, The Labor Inducer is here. 

We're not talking about a superhero doctor. This is a delicious burger known for, well, putting pregnant moms into labor. It can be found at The Suburban, a restaurant in Excelsior. 

Here's the story from The Suburban, with mentions to the two newborns in the photo at the top of the page. 

"Story time! As many know, back in April one of our owners, Kelsey, went into labor 8 days early with our little Sam (pictured left) just a mere hours after trying our burger for the Twin Cities Burger Battle, thus creating the name The Labor Inducer. Well, just last week Zac and Katy Engler came in and let us know that in a last ditch effort on her due date, Katy tried the burger and what do you know? She went into labor with beautiful Elise (pictured right) at midnight that night! Sam and Elise are hopefully the first of many more “Suburban Tots” when we add the burger to our permanent menu (coming soon)!"

The burger started out 2-for-2 when eaten by pregnant women close to their due dates, but according to SW News Media, other pregnant women have since tested the magical burger and it didn't help them go into labor. 

Besides becoming a tall tale, the burger is also delicious. It's got some spice to it and finished third at this year's Twin Cities Burger Battle. 

The burger comprises certified Angus beef, honey cured bacon, American cheese, cajun remoulade, peach caramelized onion, and Bavarian mustard.


The Suburban is located at near Excelsior Bay, precisely at 342 Third Street in Excelsior. 

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