As controversy still follows him, Garrison Keillor announces release of 2 books in fall

One is a memoir, the other is a novel set at Lake Wobegon.

Garrison Keillor has two books coming out this fall, including a novel and a memoir. 

These are the author and humorist's first releases since he was accused of sexual harassment three years ago and was fired by Minnesota Public Radio.

Since then, he has proven to be a controversial figure, with multiple public and stage appearances canceled following public outcry. Meanwhile, his appearance on the front cover of Mpls. St. Paul Magazine last year year prompted one of its columnists, Nora McInerny, to quit.

Arcade Publishing announced Thursday that it has acquired two books by the former A Prairie Home Companion host – a novel, "The Lake Wobegon Virus," set to be published Sept. 8, and his memoir, "That Time of Year," which will be published Nov. 17. 

In a statement to the Associated Press, Arcade's parent company Skyhorse Publishing said that Keillor is an "important, relevant, great American writer," and that it doesn't "believe in cancel culture."

“The novel was fun to write, the memoir not so much. The people of Lake Wobegon were waiting for the chance to go wild and so the book wrote itself. With the memoir, I had to address my mistakes and regrets, and I try to do it with some humor and grace and also talk about 'The New Yorker,' Chet Atkins, Bob Altman, the three women who ran the show, and the time I sang to the U.S. Supreme Court," Keillor said in a news release. 

"Arcade and Skyhorse are bold and fearless publishers and I’m proud to be an old draft horse in their barn," he added. 

While Keillor will look back at his life in his memoir, he'll bring readers back to the fictional town of Lake Wobegon in his novel. There, a mysterious virus is being transmitted by unpasteurized cheese leading to a loss of social inhibition all while someone is trying to build a motorway and amusement park that'll attract 2.2 million people to the town, the news release says.

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