2 years after it left, Red's Savoy is returning to downtown St. Paul

Its original location closed in September 2017.
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Two years after the closure of its original location, Red's Savoy is returning to downtown St. Paul.

The home of the 'Sota-tyle pizza has announced it'll be "returning to its roots," taking up residence in the Treasure Island Center at 400 Wabasha St. N., the former Macy's building which has been revamped and renamed since the retailer left.

It's due to move into the former Tim Horton's space and will open in late 2019, seating 36 and with a small bar serving wine and beer.

The Twin Cities pizza chain has 18 locations across the metro, with the downtown St. Paul location one of two more due to open soon, the other being in Blaine.

Red's Savoy's original location was on East 7th Street, which it called home from its founding in 1965 to its closure in 2017.

The decision to close in 2017 was taken because the original restaurant needed expensive reconstruction work, with the closure hastened by the death of the company's founder, Earl “Red” Schoenheider.

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Reed Daniels, the company president who bought Red's Savoy from the Schoenheider family in May this year, said: "Downtown Saint Paul is part of the fabric of Red’s Savoy, and we are thrilled to get back to the place where our founder Red started it all more than 50 years ago.

"This location is right in the heart of downtown Saint Paul – just downstairs from the TRIA Rink and near the Xcel Center, Palace Theater, Children’s Museum, and hundreds of businesses. We can’t wait to add Sota-style pizza to the long list of reasons to visit downtown Saint Paul!"

Red's Savoy pizzas are known for their thin crusts, square cut, and spicy "passive-aggressive" pizza sauce.

The company has two other locations in St. Paul, at 520 White Bear Ave. in the east of the city, and at 143 Snelling Avenue N. in the west.

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