300 attend dinner in a most unusual location – a bridge over Interstate 35W

The community event celebrated the reopening of the 38th Street Bridge.

Two Minneapolis neighborhoods were reunited on Thursday as they joined for dinner in the most unusual of locations – the 38th Street Bridge over I-35W.

The Kingfield and Bryant communities in south Minneapolis have been separated since March, when the Minnesota Department of Transportation began reconstruction on the bridge as part of wider work on the busy interstate.

And to mark the reopening of the bridge, more than 300 members from both communities joined for a sit-down dinner on the bridge as commuters whizzed past beneath them.

The "Building Bridges and Breaking Bread" event was put together by various groups collaborating with MnDOT, including the Kingfield and Bryant neighborhood associations, Eat for Equity (which provided the food) and Marnita's Table, which provided space for "open dialogue and healing."

Also a major supporter of the event is city council member Andrea Jenkins, who told the Southwest Journal it's a "concept that we need to get people from both sides of the freeway talking to each other."

After the dinner, she called it "one of the most incredible community events I have been a part of in a long time."

Among those in attendance was Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and state senator jeff Hayden.

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