4-Her uses horseback skills to wrangle loose donkey in central Minnesota

The young donkey, named Cinnamon, had evaded her owner for two days.
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On Monday, Isanti County Animal Care and Control's Facebook page picked up a post from Dawn Strande, who noticed there was an unexpected visitor in her yard.

"Anyone near county rd 5 and 42 looking for a mini donkey?!?!" she wrote, with Isanti County Animal Care and Control boosting the message.

Turns out, someone was.

Nathan Hunter had recently posted a "missing donkey" notice on Facebook. The young Jenny - named Cinnamon - was about a year old and got loose the night before. He'd chased her for hours, but Cinnamon "was not interested in being caught," animal care wrote.

He'd apparently recently acquired the donkey, so she was not familiar with him. So Isanti County Animal Care and Control flipped on the bat signal.

"Are there any DONKEY WHISPERERS out there that can ASSist her brand new owner, Nathan Hunter? OR Do you know of anyone with expert lasso skills???" they wrote.

Fortunately, Aaron Goldade got the message.

An accomplished 4Her and budding YouTuber, Goldade did what he does best: got on his horse to help. And Tuesday evening, he posted a photo and message in the replies, writing: "Got’er roped today. Feel free to contact me with any other cases."

So after all that, Cinnamon is back with her owner, safe in her pen.

"Let's give a big round of applause and a tremendous THANK YOU, to Aaron Goldade for roping the donkey earlier today!!!" animal care wrote.

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