5 puppies in cooler left at Brooklyn Center police station

An unknown woman left them in the lobby overnight.
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Police in Brooklyn Center got quite the surprise overnight delivery on Sunday: a cooler with five terrier puppies inside.

The cooler was dropped off in the lobby around 2 a.m., a Facebook post from the police department said. It was dirty inside, with the five terrier pups resting on what looked like the same blanket they'd been born on.

Department workers who were on duty at the time found a clean container and blankets, and moved the two-week-old puppies there until someone could take them to the Animal Humane Society.

The puppies were also "clearly hungry," looking as though they hadn't eaten in awhile. The crew on the night shift shared feeding duties while juggling calls.

FOX 9 says the puppies are currently being fostered until they're old enough to be adopted.

The department said it doesn't know who dropped them off, only that it was a woman.

"We're glad that the woman had enough sense to leave the pups with us as a last resort," Brooklyn Center PD wrote. "We hope that their mom is okay and will make sure that the little sweethearts get into the right hands."

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