8 ways to shake up your Thanksgiving leftovers

We're sure you have some leftover turkey this morning.
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Turkey leftovers

It’s Friday morning, you’ve already had two helpings of Thanksgiving Day leftovers and somehow your fridge is still full.

Sound like something you’ve dealt with before?

The great thing about the Internet is that there is an entire corner of recipes dedicated specifically to tackling the tough dilemma of what to do with all of your leftovers.

Some are pretty straight forward, like a loaded hot dish held together by gravy and cranberry sauce . Others give a more imaginative spin on your standard post-Turkey Day spread -- hello Thanksgiving Eggs Benedict!

Regardless of your type – classic or crazy – there is something that works for everyone.

Having a plan in place for your leftovers isn’t a necessity but it can help in many ways, including cutting down on food waste and helping keep your fridge clean and organized.

Plus it gives you an excuse to tell your Uncle Tony that no, he cannot take the rest of the turkey home with him. You got some recipes to make!

What I’m Making: Thanksgiving Leftovers Breakfast Burrito

One thing you should know about me is that I’m not afraid to try new things, especially when it comes to food. So when I saw the words ‘breakfast’ & ‘burrito’ pop up in a search thread about ways to use Thanksgiving leftovers, I was in on this meal before the page even finished loading.

Imagine my surprise that the creator of the recipe just so happens to be Emily Vikre, co-owner of Vikre Distillery in Duluth, Minn. As she points out, if you have a large amount of leftovers, why not start with breakfast?

What I like about Emily’s recipe is that she leaves it open to adaptation. What you serve at Thanksgiving and what I serve are going to be different. So when coming up with ways to use the leftovers, it is best to use recipes as a suggested guide and not a set of rules you have to follow verbatim.

Check out the recipe from 52 Food.

Breakfast Hash

Sure, it seemed like a great idea to double that stuffing recipe. But now it is taking up some prime real estate in your fridge and needs to get eaten. This quick hash takes care of your problem by making a savory and sweet breakfast that can be easily thrown together before (or after) some Black Friday shopping.

Find the recipe here from Epicurious.

Thanksgiving Eggs Benedict

This recipe – which the author calls more of a concept and less of an actual recipe -- uses gravy in place of the Hollandaise. I say, why not try it with both?

Check it out from The Endless Meal.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Casserole

Too many containers taking up too much space? Sick of heating up individual containers over and over again? This recipe was born from that same frustration and can be used with whatever you have on hand.

See Thrillist's recipe.

Leftover Thanksgiving Panini

This panini recipe comes to you courtesy of The Pioneer Woman herself, Ree Drummond. It’s an easy, creative spin on the classic day-after sandwiches, taken up a notch with buttery, grilled sourdough bread.

More from Food Network.

Turkey Cranberry Grilled Cheese

A super easy sweet and savory take on a childhood favorite! The perfect way to take your sandwich game up a notch.

Damn Delicious has the recipe.

Cranberry and Turkey Sliders

Hosting more family over the long holiday weekend? Having friends over to watch the Gopher-Badger game? This recipe is perfect for entertaining a large group.

See more from Tammilee Tips.

Leftover Turkey Chili

This is a great option if you want to make something with your leftovers and be able to freeze it right away. Plus serving the chili over mashed potatoes is just too smart to ignore!

Food Network has the recipe.

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