8-year-old girl's lemonade stand raises $1,100 for bereaved neighbors

Serenity Boike's community was devastated by a fatal fire in April.
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A lemonade and cookie stand started by an 8-year-old Big Lake girl has raised more than $1,100 for her bereaved neighbors.

Two months ago, two boys aged 1 and 2 were killed in a fire that authorities believe was started by their father, who also died from his injuries.

Two other children made it out of the fire, and it was for these surviving kids and their mom that Serenity Boike decided to raise some money this past weekend.

Setting up a stand on the 600 block of Eagle Lake Road South, the 8-year-old sold lemonade, cookies and bracelets to passersby.

Some people heard of her endeavors from social media and made a special effort to turn up to make a purchase.

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While initially setting a goal of $500 for the family, the Big Lake Police Department notes that by the end of the afternoon she'd well exceeded that, raising more than $1,100.

Having passed her target, Boike told KARE 11 she was thinking of upping her goal to $2,000 or even $5,000.

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