93X 'Half-Assed Morning Show' to be furloughed periodically for 90 days

Their first week off-air is April 20-24.
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93X Half-Assed Morning Show

From left to right: Ross, Nick, Trista, Josh and Wappel

It's no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has essentially halted advertising revenue for media companies, and the toll has forced Cumulus Media to implement a plan that will furlough members of the 93X "Half-Assed Morning Show" periodically over the next three months. 

"Just to be clear- The Half-Assed Morning Show is getting furloughed," the station announced on Twitter Monday morning. "This means that 3 weeks out of the next 90 days we will be off. The first week will be next week, April 20th-24th. We will keep you all informed about when the other two will take place."

"Three weeks of unpaid time off. Gotta do what you gotta do to ease the blow," said Nick Born during a conversation with Josh on Monday's show

"We're still very lucky because the alternative is a bunch of people getting fired," co-host Josh Bitney responded. "Everybody is just taking a little bit of this so a few people don't have to get fired."

"I still consider myself very lucky," added Nick. 

Bring Me The News has reached out to 93X to find out what will be aired in lieu of the morning show. We have also asked if any other Cumulus-media owned stations (KQRS and LOVE 105) in the Minneapolis market will be affected similarly. 

In Minnesota, workers who are furloughed may be eligible to collect unemployment benefits if they are "temporarily or intermittently laid off or your hours are reduced below 32 hours per week," according to the Department of Economic and Employment Development (DEED). 

People who are approved to receive unemployment insurance are also receiving an additional $600 a week via the federal stimulus package, also known as the CARES Act.  

All new applicants are encouraged to apply online via UIMN.org because calling in will likely result in wait times in excess of an hour. 

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