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A limited amount of First Kiss apples will go on sale at Lunds & Byerlys

The U of M-created apple debuted at the State Fair.
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If you've been to the Minnesota State Fair already this year and failed to try a First Kiss apple, you'll have another chance this weekend.

The apple created by the University of Minnesota is has on sale at the State Fair for $3 in the Horticulture Building, but supplies ran out on Tuesday.

But the company that's grown it, Honeybear Brands, has announced that a limited quantity of the apple will be available to buy at Lunds & Byerlys stores across the Twin Cities metro over Labor Day weekend.

The First Kiss is a relative of the U of M's famous Honeycrisp apple, and will share a similar price to it as well this weekend, when it will be on sale for $3.99 per pound.

"It’s tart and juicy and lingers on the lips from the moment you first taste it," said Honeybear Brands VP of sales Don Roper. "State Fair goers got a sneak peek, but we know shoppers are going to love it at first bite."

The First Kiss was created by cross-breeding a Honeycrisp with an early ripening apple variety from the University of Arkansas.

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It's the work of apple breeders David Bedford and Jim Luby, who first started in the late '90s trying to create an apple with a similar texture and taste to the Honeycrisp but with an earlier harvest.

It will be grown by Honeybear Brands throughout Minnesota, but is in short supply this year, so you've got to get them while you can.

"The orchards are still maturing and will produce more fruit each year," Roper said.

"Like a real first kiss, they will be fleeting – but so worth it."

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